General Operations

On this page, important files and deadline regarding the general operations of an associations affiliated with WVK.


All required administrations of an association are detailed in our statutes. The statutes of PFK can be found here.

Information form

The information form is a mandatory document that has to be submitted together with the bank form. The deadline for these forms is 15 October (19 o'clock) each year. If this day would fall in the weekend, the deadline is shifted to the Friday. This form is can be generated from this page and has to be submitted in person at the DSA headquarters and by copy via email (so it has to be submitted twice!).
In section Board members the UGent usernames of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Webmaster have to be filled in. The first three functions have to be unique and can not be executed by the same person, with the exception of webmaster, that function can be combined with another. All board members have to be enrolled in the new academic year, so in theory this form can be submitted during the summer vacation if all necessary board members don't have any resits and have enrolled in the new academic year.

Bank form

This form has to be submitted together with the information form on 15 October (19 o'clock) each year. If this day would fall in the weekend, the deadline is shifted to the Friday. This form is can be generated from this page and has to be submitted in person at the DSA headquarters and by copy via email (so it has to be submitted twice!).
In section Banking data the names of the account holders have to be filled in, but these people do not have to be enrolled at Ghent University, so in theory, these names can stay the same if the account holders do not change. This form has to be signed off by your bank before submitting it to the DSA. VZW's have to be careful, as their statutes have to be adapted to reflect the new board members before they can change the account holders and this can take a while, possibly missing the deadline. We advice to fill in the previous account holders, verify them with the bank and change the holders after the deadline.


A detailed overview on the use of the funds can be found here, here en here. We strongly advice you to read through these documents as these will tell you exactly what is eligible for funding and what isn't.
To apply for funds for an activity, first this activity has to submitted to the DSA panel (beforehand) and this document has to be filled in. A great example on how to fill in this document is this movie. If you have additional questions if something is eligible for funds, you can always contact the DSA or the WVK board.
.There are two deadlines for fund proposals. The first deadline of the academic year is 1 December (or the Friday before is this day is in the weekend). On this date, ALL fund proposals have to be submitted, any late proposals will get rejected.
The second deadline is 10 May and requires all associations to submit at least one proposal. We strongly advice you to submit ALL fund proposals of the past semester to prevent losing funds during the board transition. After receiving funding for an activity, the activity can at most turn out break even. Under no circumstances can a profitable activity receive funding.

Annual report

All recognized student association must submit an annual report for the previous civil year every year before February 10th (or the Friday before) in order to extend their recognition by Ghent University. The annual report must be sent digitally (preferably as a single PDF file) to The annual report consists of two parts.
The first part consists of 'a list of the active board members, which shows that the chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and webmaster are students at Ghent University who are enrolled for at least 27 credits'. We therefore expect an overview of who performs which position within the board and the proof of registration of the chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and webmaster. You must use the 'Registration certificate with training' certificate for this, which you can find at, under 'My Oasis' and then 'Certificates'. Please note that the number of credits is explicitly stated as this is very important and without it the document is invalid. We hereby recommend giving an overview of the previous board (the second semester of the previous academic year falls under the current civil year) and the completely new board with the enrollment certificates attached. The second part consists of an overview of the activities that the past civil year has organized. The annual report consists of at least 10 activities, for which at least 8 of the activities must be motivated to fit within the objectives of the student association. All recorded activities must also meet the following four conditions:

  • The activity took place in the past civil year.
  • The activity was accessible to all students or to the members of the association.
  • The activity must have been announced in advance via the DSA control panel.
  • The activity must be sufficiently substantiated with supporting documents (e.g. Facebook event, photo of the activity).
The WVK board requires 8 of the activities to be motivated, in contrast to the DSA which only requires 5 in according to our statutes!
The Student Activities Department provides a template for the annual report and this can be found here.

Cambio rental

The DSA provides Cambio pool cards for recognized associations. This allows associations to use a car for all kinds of logistical purposes and it is also eligible for subsidy. You can consult the official DSA page about the Cambio rental here.
The procedure for using this service is fairly simple. We recommend that you go to the DSA secretariat in person and ask if there are any pool cards available (for the first time, afterwards you can simply send an email if you have mastered the procedure). You specify the date (s) when you would use the Cambio as well as the desired pick-up location and type of car (the secretariat will certainly help you with this the first time). After the reservation has been made, you will receive a Cambio pool card (or you must pick it up at the secretariat if you have reserved via email) together with a numeric code. At the time of reservation you go with the pool card to the pickup place and hold the card against the receiver under the windshield so that it will unlock. In the glove box you will find the key of the car with a device where you have to enter the numerical code. Viola, now you are ready to ride.
Return the car to the same place in time (and ensure that the tank is at least 1/4th full, so that the next user can also start his / her journey without having to refuel immediately), lock the key again and lock the car with the badge. Now all you have to do is return the badge to the DSA secretariat.
Is the tank less than 1/4th full after your ride or do you have to refuel? Use the fuel card that is on board the Cambio. Also make sure that after filling up, you enter the mileage at the time of the refueling on the trip report. P.S. Before you pass by the pump, check the fuel card to see which brands you can go to.

Glass rental

A lot of student associations use Levi Party Rental for glasses, bar tap etc. They have an option to deliver or using a Cambio you can choose to pick up the items yourself.

Reimbursement for speakers

If a speaker comes to explain a specific topic, this can be directly reimbursed from your fund budget. The maximum reimbursement for all speakers together, including travel costs, is 112.5 Euro per academic year. Original proof must be provided for travel expenses. To request a reimbursement, all you have to do is fill in and hand out this document at the DSA. The subsidy regulations state that goods with a personal final destination, as well as food and drink, are eligible for funding if they are for reimbursing a speaker and the original evidence is submitted.


You can always consult another overview of the important deadlines here.
The WVK, together with six other Konventen as well as the DSA, GSR, Schamper, Urgent.FM, 12urenloop, Massacantus, are responsible for assisting the various student associations in Ghent, for this the presidents regularly meet at the Vergadering van KonventsVoorzitters (VKV). There we decide on issues such as the subsidy amounts as well as how we as students can contribute to the general life in Ghent. The reports of these meetings can be consulted here. Do you have a proposal or a question that is greater than the effect of one Konvent? Then submit this to the WVK board so that this proposal can be submitted to the VKV.